Liability Limited Partnership “Coach Assembly Plant “Tulpar” (hereinafter - “Coach Assembly Plant “Tulpar” LLP) announces electronic tenders for the sale of property of the “Coach Assembly Plant “Tulpar” LLP, which will begin on December 10, 2019 at 10:00 (time Nur-Sultan) on the web portal of the State Property Register

The sale of Objects is carried out in accordance with the Rules for the sale of property of Tulpar-Talgo LLP, approved by the decision of the General Meeting of participants of Tulpar-Talgo LLP (minutes of February 1, 2019 №  n / n) (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) and the Rules for electronic bidding for selling property on the web portal of the state property registry approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Information and Accounting Center JSC (Minutes №66 of May 23, 2014) (hereinafter - the Regulations).

The following object is put up for auction at a price increase:




Asset holder

Floor space, sq.m.

Land size, ha

Trigger price, tenge

Starting price, tenge

Minimal price, tenge

Security deposit, tenge


Part of the administrative building

(10 floors - 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 16)

Almaty city, Medeu district, Samal-2 microdistrict, Zholdasbekova street, 97,

Business center “Samal Towers”

“Coach Assembly Plant “Tulpar” LLP

7 993,8


9 063 193 640

27 189 580 920

6 218 599 000

75 750 000


Registration of bidders is made on the registry web portal from the date of publication of the notice on the registry web portal and ends two hours before the start of bidding.

Guarantee contributions are paid to the account of “Information and Accounting Center” JSC: BIN: 050540004455, BIC: HSBKKZKX, IIC: KZ946017111000000330, KNP: 171, Kbe: 16, “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC. Purpose of payment: guarantee fee for participation in an electronic auction (payment of banking services is not included in the amount of the guarantee fee).

Bank guarantee as a guarantee fee is not accepted.

For the purpose of timely receipt of guarantee contributions to the account of “Information and Accounting Center “ JSC, it is recommended to pay the guarantee contribution no later than three days before the deadline for applications.

The protocol on the results of the auction is generated by the web portal of the registry, signed using the electronic digital signature by the seller and the winner of the auction on the day of the auction.

In the event that the winning bidder does not sign the protocol on the results of the bidding, the guarantee fee will not be returned by the seller.

The protocol on the results of tenders is a document fixing the results of the auction and the obligations of the winner and seller to sign the contract of sale of the object at the sale price.

The purchase and sale agreement with the winner is signed no more than ten calendar days from the date of summing up the trading results by the registry web portal.

The provisions on the procedure for conducting an electronic auction, the procedure for registering for participation in tenders, on the conditions for determining the winner can be found in the Rules and Regulations, which are publicly available on the websites of  Coach Assembly Factory “Tulpar”  LLP and “Information and  Accounting center” JSC

Additional information can be obtained by calling 8 (7172) 930-621 (Coach Assembly Factory “Tulpar”  LLP) and 8 (7172) 55-29-81 (“IUC” JSC).