In fair weather prepare for foul!

The summer of 2020 turned out to be very hot, the sun shares with us its fiery love, the temperature reaches 34 degrees during the daytime. It seems that it will be this way forever. But the Plant Maintenance and Operations Service has different predictions: Winter definitely will come! Therefore, “Tulpar” LLP is in full blast preparing the plant for operation for the winter period 2020-2021 in accordance with the action plan.

Oleg Evgenievich Rusakov manages the Maintenance and Operations Service of the plant, he has a very troublesome economy. Winters in northern Kazakhstan are quite harsh, so the responsibility that lies with Oleg Evgenievich and his employees is great.

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Oleg Evgenievich Rusakov has been working at our enterprise since its construction (2010) and even earlier. While working at “KTZ” JSC, he oversaw the development of the Tulpar project, took an active part in the construction of the plant, and practically from the day the plant was put into operation, he has been the head of this department.

“Currently, 45% of the total planned activities have already been completed," said Oleg Evgenievich. “We are a little ahead of schedule, but we still have a lot of serious work ahead!”

For reference:

The area of industrial, administrative and auxiliary buildings is over 36,000.00 m2.
The length of the railway tracks is 4.2 km, including: in-shop - 2.7 km, off-site - 1.5 km.

The total length of the plant's heating networks is more than 50 km, and for the distribution of heat energy there are 15 heating points, in which heating units are automatically controlled, depending on the outside air temperature.

Thus, hydraulic strength tests (pressure of 16.0 kg / cm2) of the external heating main of the plant have already been carried out, all the revealed comments have been eliminated. A revision of the shut-off and control valves of the Central Heating Unit was carried out, the heating units of the ABK, GPK and auxiliary buildings were flushed and pressurized, shut-off valves, filters, balancing and saddle valves were inspected. The software is being adjusted for automatic weather regulators of the indoor climate control system.

Cleaning and defectoscopy of the diesel fuel storage tank with a capacity of 50 m3 was carried out.

Work is underway on the current repair of industrial and office buildings, railways, engineering networks and communications.

Fences for snow retention along the railway tracks have been made; preparations are underway for their installation.

It is still necessary to revise the exhaust ventilation, purge their air filters, revise and adjust the plastic windows of the ABK with the replacement of unusable sealing rubber, inspect the GPK skylights for a snug fit, clean the storm funnels on the roof, revise the heating cables of the storm water system, and repair the soft lay of the roof.

Also, until October 1 of this year, maintenance of automotive equipment, a locomobile, an audit of manual snow removal equipment, equipment for cleaning snow and ice will be carried out.

We can be sure that all the planned work on the preparation of our plant will be completed in full and with high quality! This means that we are ready to meet winter! We wish the employees of the Maintenance and Operations Service of the plant success in their difficult and responsible work!